At ISD, all our staff operates in the field of B2B. What does this mean? Quite simply: personalised consultancy is no mere slogan but an integral part of our core business.

You have a clearly defined need; and ISD provides a service that can be tailored precisely to that need. And the essence of precisely targeted consultation is to match service to need to achieve agreed goals.

The scope of a consultation is determined by whether it is to cover a complete training programme for a whole department or even a company, or a course for just one person. ISD will support both customer and learner at each stage of the way to acquiring the target language; if desired, via a personal visit before the offer is made.

Right from the outset, managers in HR, staff responsible for Further Training, and employees all ask the following question: How will this training help us at the end of the day? Keeping in mind both the starting position and the business goals, our advisory services will help to a great extent towards providing an answer.