We are the ideal B2B partner for companies which began to doubt at an early stage the whole point of traditional further training in languages, and ask themselves: What good will such training do with regard to our business goals?

In this respect, we of course employ a transparent method of evaluation as an integral part of the training we offer. This evaluation is made during the course and focuses on communicative skills relevant to the learner's daily business; it determines what language level has been achieved. The level, plus a description of the various language skills attained, are then written in a course report, so that the result of the training can clearly be seen.

In addition to our courses we also offer the Scenario final test, created by our cooperation partner SKYLIGHT. This test has been successfully used for years in company training programmes at the end of CLTC-C-Standards courses (Communication and Language Trainer Certificate - Corporate). Such scenarios simulate work-relevant communication, and measure how successfully the employee can transfer what has been learned to the workplace.