Business English

For more than 30 years Business English has been our core area at ISD. We run corporate language courses for business English and English for specific purposes here on our premises at ISD or at the customer.

The content that we cover in these courses is agreed beforehand. Our language courses are tailored from the very start to the needs of the customer.

In the workplace, specialised skills demand specialised competence in English. We are experts for English for specific purposes such as Technical English, English for Banking, English for Human Resources, and more. We create our corporate language programmes focussing on the goals of the department and the company. At the same time, we always cater to each individual's needs.

One of our popular programmes is our two-day seminar on Business English for communication skills that focus on specific topics such as Presentations, Negotiations, Small Talk, Emailing and Telephoning. If you need to employ such skills proactively and competently our seminars will give you the best preparation.