Languages around the world

Long-term business partnerships benefit from building up and fostering relationships. Therefore it is essential to know the language and be familiar with the culture of the target market. English may well be the prevalent international language, but it will not get you far in places where the official language is Spanish.

Spanish is already the second most popular foreign language learned in Germany. However, company employees need Business Spanish. So to achieve quantifiable success they need top-quality experts for B2B.

Spanish is only one example of many. At ISD we offer - amongst others - courses in French for West Africa, Portuguese for Brazil, and Chinese and Korean for the Far East markets. Even languages such as Hebrew, Flemish and Vietnamese feature in our regular programme of seminars.

The basis for a lasting business relationship is trust - in Europe and around the world. And it is competence in languages that paves the way to this goal. A language course at ISD will enable the company employee to acquire this competence. Fast and with clearly defined goals!